Desire Map Licensing

DM License

Being a Licensee allows you to run amazing Desire Map workshops and access some of the best support for your ‘Business in a Box’ – it is perfect for coaches, therapists, yogis and fits with just about any business model.

If you love using your voice and sharing what you know, then Desire Map Licensing is for you.  You have control over how you deliver the content you are given and how you combine it with your current work.  If you’re an online maven and that’s your bag, then you can do it all virtually and if you thrive on face to face work then you can do that too.  All of your earnings are your own.

There is also a huge amount of support from Team D and other Licensees in the programme.  As Danielle says “This is a pre-packaged business, with soul. No gross


pyramid schemes. Only heart-centered entrepreneurship.”

This program taps into your own unique talents, skills and style and fits with coaches, yogis, mentors, well-preneurs and small business champions…

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