Desire Map FAQ

Q: What do you do?

A: Well, one of the things I do is lead Desire Map workshops — mostly for people going through goal setting burnout. We use a feelings-based approach to life design — core desired feelings. And analyze your goals — which ones are really true to you, which ones you need to ditch. It’s all based on the book from Danielle LaPorte. It’s really powerful.

Q: What’s The Desire Map?

A: The Desire Map is a goal setting system that flips traditional goal setting. Instead of focusing on external things and accomplishments like getting the house, making the big salary, or buying that sports car you’ve always wanted, you FIRST identify how you want to feel (Grounded, Affluent, Sexy) and THEN determine what it will take for you to generate those feelings. It’s a fresh take on goal setting that puts the internal before the external.

Q: What are your workshops about?

A: When someone comes to my workshops, it’s because they want more out of their life. They want love, connection, a better marriage, the house, the promotion, confidence in starting their new business, or they just want to feel good when they wake up. I help people discover how they most want to feel. Once they know that, I help them prioritize their goals so that chasing the goal feels just as rewarding as achieving it. Feeling good is the whole point.

Q: What makes your workshop different from the others I’ve seen about empowerment, healing, goal setting, etc.?

A: Desire Map workshops are all about discovering how you want to feel — like, for real. It sounds so simple, but there is a whole range of techniques and exercises to help you achieve clarity on this simple question: how do you most want to feel? We’re not really chasing goals, we’re chasing feelings. Joy, Expansion, Presence, Affluence, Ease. As a facilitator, I help people get clarity. It’s simple and incredibly powerful.

Q: Who is Danielle LaPorte?

A: Danielle is a writer and speaker and author of one of my favorite books, The Desire Map. I love her because she is real. Her books and blog posts sound like your best friend is telling you what’s up. And she does it in the most loving way. Everything she writes I read because it feels like she’s speaking right to me. She writes about creativity, entrepreneurship, spirituality, love, business, and money. All of it.