Work with me for FREE

Who wants to with me for FREE?!

I am diving back into coaching and I am currently fine tuning the details on THREE separate programs (Holistic Health Coaching, Fire Starter Sessions, Desire Mapping)

I am looking for THREE people that would like to work with me on these programs for FREE (1 person per program). The program will start in July 2017 and run for 3 months. Included in the program will be 3-60 min calls/month + personal homework. 

In return, all I ask is that.. 

– you enter into this program with an open heart / mind,

– you have a fierce eagerness to dig deep, adapt to new concepts and have a willingness and desire to GROW,

-a testimonial that I my add to my website in regards to the program you worked on,

-feedback and insight on the material as we make our way through the content. 

1 / Holistic Health Coaching – Learn how to eat right for YOUR body type and how you can quite literally heal yourself with food.

2 / Fire Starter Sessions – Business #Coaching and Career Development for #soulful entrepreneurs. For the #creatives and #freedom #Seekers.

3 / Desire Mapping – Learn how to create GOALS with SOUL and start living the life YOU #desire. 

Public registration will be open and available for the general public as of September 2017. 

If you are interested in working with me on this project, please LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE and DM me which program you would like to work in and #WHY you NEED it. If more than one person is interested in each #program I will develop a system to help me choose who to accept.




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