To blessed to be stressed




It’s amazing how much your life and mental state can shift from negative to positive with a simple change of perspective.




Having faith and trusting in the universe. Have faith that wherever you are in your life at this particular time is EXACTLY where you are supposed to be. What you are feeling right now is EXACTLY what you’re supposed to be feeling. This is all part of the journey and NEEDS to be felt and experienced. Good or bad, it was put there for a reason. You can either learn from it and grow or you can choose to ignore it and watch the pattern present itself repeatedly until it’s quite literally beating you over your head and you can no longer deny it and are forced to face it, forced to LEARN from it.

Lesson or b’lesson, you were meant to experience it! I’ve had a number of b’lessons in my lifetime. While I’ll be the first to admit that it rarely feels good when you’re IN it, but by the time you are on the other side you feel stronger, more confident and like a total badass for not just surviving, but conquering yet another ordeal. Yay you!!

Imagine what life would be like if you were able to just trust, relax and go with the flow. There will be a continual ebb and flow in your life, that is inevitable. Life won’t always be perfect and life won’t always be not-so-perfect. There will always be balance, things in nature, including your life, will always try to find it’s way back to an equilibrium. Balance will be easier to find and maintain when you learn to not only trust the process, but when you learn to shift your perspective into a more positive state on a more consistent basis.



Being grateful for mostly all things in your life will in turn bring more things to be grateful for #BLESSED! Funny how to power of attraction works, isn’t it? You can choose to be angry and bitter over something that happened that is completely beyond your control or you can choose to accept what is and if you don’t like the situation, you can work towards figuring out how to change the results NEXT time, but in the meantime, change how you respond THIS time. Trust that everything is figureoutable. Everything is. Period. Some situations you couldn’t possibly change on your own (and that’s ok) or in the moment, but you can ALWAYS choose how you react and respond in that moment.

“Subliminal message: Feeling good is the primary objective.”
~Danielle LaPorte, The Desire Map

Do you make happiness your primary goal? 

If not, how do you think you can shift things in your life to make that a priority?


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