Welcome back!

Well, it’s been 2 looonnnggg years since my last post! It’s hard to believe that 2 years has flown by already… hell, it’s hard to believe it’s September of 2016! I’m not sure where the time has gone, but what matters is that I have finally managed to make my way back. yay me!

The last couple years has seen many changes in my life, some good, some bad… all important along my journey through life.

I haven’t coached in 2 years. I haven’t taught a yoga class in 2 years. I even had 2 years OFF of my yoga practice! wtf is that about?! Yoga, since the birth of my first son in 2004, was my therapy. My daily practice helped keep my thoughts in order, the depression and anxiety at bay and my body feeling good. How I managed to NOT kill anyone over the last 2 years is beyond me.

So where am I now…

The last 2 years have been interesting… I developed a thyroid issue, actually, I just had it diagnosed, I’ve likely been dealing with it for many years. Most members of my family have thyroid issues as well. Mom:hyper, Dad:hypo, Aunt:hypo, you get the picture. I was also diagnosed with adrenal fatigue. This all came to light after gaining roughly 30-40 pounds in a 12 month period. After putting it off and complaining about EVERYTHING in life for months, I finally went to see a Naturopath. We worked out a wellness program that would typically work rather quickly on your everyday “normal” individual, but for someone with Hashimotos disease with underlying hypothyroid issues and adrenal fatigue, not so much (and not very quickly either). I changed my diet drastically and added a couple supplements to help heal my immune system.


Major changes:

I cut out gluten , alcohol and most processed food. I didn’t eat too much process food to begin with and I haven’t eaten fast food in ages, but there was definitely room for improvement. The cutting out of alcohol was a tough one for me! I come from a long line of heavy drinkers and I definitely enjoy my nightly glass of red wine and craft beer, so this was a wee bit rough.. still is tbh. A few things changed… my memory returned! I was finally able to remember simple tasks and recall information. I was embarrassingly struggling with this for some time, so this was HUGE for me and very exciting! The brain fog cleared. I wasn’t a walking zombie anymore! My body was less achy. I didn’t feel like a 90 year old woman. Sweet!! My motivation and determination came back! I was finally starting to remember and WANT to return to my purpose. My life goals started to surface again. Yet, the weight remained. My Naturopath recommend that I return to yoga and weight training, but THAT’S IT, no cardio, no boot camps, nothing overly strenuous. As someone who has Adrenal Fatigue, cardio and other strenuous exercising is a no-no and personally knocks me out! While some can perform these exercises and feel like a million bucks after, I exercise and need a nap… for 3 days.

I started my practice back up again about 2-3 weeks ago (late August, early September 2016). My very first class back was a nice gentle, but deep YIN & TONIC class at Moksha in St. Catharines. It was absolutely glorious and exactly what I needed to re-instate my practice (and served as a good reminder as to why I loved yoga so much). Since then I have committed myself to getting back on my mat 3-5 times a week. Wednesday – Sunday you can find me on my mat at some point or another!

This road to recovery is long, uneven, uphill, forked, bent, crooked, frustrating and fucking hard as hell, but it is doable… most days. I have to remind myself daily that I am doing well and making progress even when I don’t SEE the results as quickly as I want to. Every day is a new day with new adventures. Some days are good, some days are bad. Today hasn’t been a great day, neither was yesterday, but I am choosing to make the most of it regardless of my struggles. I hope that those who are struggling along with me will see my message and see hope.


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