Never Forget – 9.11


12 years ago today…

I was 18 years old, living in Brampton. I got the call from my Mom, who was crying and frantic, telling me to turn on the news so I did. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I kept saying it wasn’t real, not possible, that could never happen, not this close to home. It looked like a movie. When it finally dawned on me that this WAS actually happen, the tears started to flow and I was so scared. My heart broke for those people and their families. We all witnessed heartbreak and sorrow that day. I know I will never forget. That memory will always hold a place in my heart. My heart and love go out to all those affected by the tragedy of 9-11.

You’ll have a place in ALL our hearts forever and ever. RIP brave beautiful souls.

Most people can pinpoint the exact moment from 12 years ago today… I can’t tell you what I did 3 days ago, but I can sure as hell recount every detail from 9/11/01. Can you?


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