A SNEAK PEAK into what I am working on…

Oh this is good. Really good. Thinking of this program and what it can do for women makes me uber HYPER! I am so thrilled to be able to bring this much needed service to women EVERYWHERE.

Now without further ado, let me reveal a sneak peak into what I’m putting together for you.

I specialize in Woman/Mommy health, wellness, nutrition, creating wealth and living your best life possible. Helping the ladies out there tune back into themselves, get back to pre-pregnancy shape or whatever shape makes them SING, feel good inside and out, have endless amounts of energy to keep up with their little ones or to just move and shake as she pleases, and create, mould and shape the life of their dreams!

I help women reconnect with the fun, engaged, foxy, gorgeous woman they know they are.

My guided coaching program teaches how to tame and understand emotional eating, balance hormones, quiet the mind and relax the body so you are able tap back into what it feels like to enjoy peace within your mind and body, joy and beauty in life and love, all eloquently topped with a little sass, sultriness and attitude (aka. confidence in a good way.. a very good way)

I can help you attain your health goals, find your unique nutritional foundation and assist with any and all weight-loss and fitness goals. I will be your friend, your mentor, your workout buddy and your guide.

I can provide assistance with everything from vegan baking (I just LOVE healthy baking!), juicing and smoothies, suggest supplements to support your goals and provide guidance and recommendations on how to set up and achieve those fitness goals, which books to read as well as introduce you to various forms of fitness so you can find the one that truly clicks with you and your needs.

I’m located in St. Catharines, but I am open to clients across the country connecting by telephone, Skype or FaceTime. I will be officially taking clients on for my amazing 6 month guided program starting in April. If you want to get in on this goodness, please email me asap to arrange your complimentary 50 minute health assessment and get set up.

Cheers to revealing the true YOU in 2013!

PS. I’ve partnered with various fitness and health professionals in YOUR area to ensure you are getting the utmost bang for your buck in this program. Feel free to message me to find out more.

For more information on what a Health Coach can do for you:


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