My Morning Rituals

I’ve made many changes over the last few months. A few have stuck and a few I’ve forgotten and left behind.  The one I am currently stuck on is working really, really well for me.

Oil Pulling

Never heard of it? Don’t feel bad, not many people have…

I hadn’t heard of it until recently either. Sorry, that’s not entirely true. I had heard of it, but I thought it was weird so I didn’t look into it any deeper 😛 I’ll go over the incredible benefits of oil pulling in my next post, today I will tell you how to do it! I use Organic Coconut Oil. Take 1 tbsp of oil into your mouth. Careful, the texture may set you to gagging, but don’t spit it out! Start swishing the oil around in your mouth and through your teeth. The oil will liquefy and it will feel like water within seconds. Swish and pull around in your mouth for between 10-20 minutes. This is best done FIRST thing in the morning on an empty stomach before brushing your teeth, eating, etc. Perhaps you can swish while you prepare your NEXT ritual..

Warm Lemon Water

Drinking a cup of warm water with the juice of 1/2 a lemon is an amazing way to kick start you metabolism and turn your body into an energized fat-burning machine! You can also add a dash of cayenne pepper to give your liver a nice little jolt. Lately I have also been adding green tea. I use Yogi Tea.



Usana recently released the ability to completely personalize your supplements into handy-dandy little tear packets. These are so amazing because each packet is designed by me with exactly what I need for each day. You can take these with your lemon water!


I picked this up from the Spirit Junkie herself, Gabby Bernstein ( This has to be one of my most beloved go-to snacks/meals. Simplistic and delish! Ezekiel Bread (I like the seed one in the blue bag. Find this in your Health Food section), toasted, add 1/4 avocado to each slice and smoosh to cover surface add a light dusting of Himalayan sea salt (the only salt I use) and a little lemon juice. Enjoy!!

That’s it! Easy-peasy, nutritious and DELICIOUS! 

For info on customizing your own MyHealthPak feel free to contact me directly or visit my website and get to it! (

What are your morning rituals? Do you have a favourite go-to meal? Anything you’ve tried that you enjoy? Let’s hear it!


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