My night out!

So, I managed to sneak away for some alone time this evening. Where do I end up? Yoga by Sarah… for my second yoga class today. I wasn’t really planning on doing much with my evening a -la -solo, if anything at all, but once I got out of the house I got the “oh crap… now what do I do” feeling. First thing I think of is yoga. So, naturally I head to the studio and get myself setup. It was great and I am happy I went. My shoulder was a little irritated considering I had just had a treatment done earlier this afternoon, but other than that it was wonderful. No better way to clear your head than with some good old fashioned yoga.

After yoga I was thinking of going to Starbucks to setup with my iPad and listen in on some of my pre-planned webinars, but ended up in Chapters buying an Elf on the Shelf. I’ve long thought this was a creepy concept, but figured if it helps make my little “angel” behave, why not!? I’ve prepared her on the thought of having a spy in the house… we’ll see how she reacts tomorrow upon finding it looming in on our daily activities. *shudder* seriously, still freaks me out a bit.

After Chapters, I opted out of Starbucks because of a headache, so I end up in the grocery store wondering the isles and picking up groceries… Right, when Lee has time to himself he goes to the bar. When I have the time to myself I end up doing groceries. *sigh*


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