The holidays are upon us… yay…

The holidays are upon us and I am still trying to get into the festive spirit! I’ve been working very diligently at trying to up the festive ante, but to no avail. I have listened to Christmas music, gone to Michael’s (this one proved more of an annoyance then anything… don’t even get me started on the Styrofoam balls!!), I dragged out all the Christmas decor and very reluctantly put it all out (this is huge for me. I usually have the house all decked out on November 1. Seriously!), I’ve baked cookies and I even found myself some vegan egg nog (more on this later!). Honestly, the only reason I even pulled out all the Christmas decorations was because of the kids. If it wasn’t for them I probably would have cancelled Christmas this year! Can’t really do that with an 8 year old and an almost 3 year old, the littlest guy probably won’t remember anyways. 

So, in my continued effort to get festive I will dive head first into MORE Christmas activities such as baking and crafts. I will post my discoveries and creations over the next couple weeks so you can watch my enthusiasm blossom! 

If you know me, you know there are a number of things that I love, but cooking, baking and entertaining definitely top the list. Holidays sure do bring up an abundance of those opportunities, don’t they!? My next attempt will be to find and healithify a recipe for Sugar Cookies. I think I will have my task cut out for me. I welcome tips. I’m thinking gluten-free and vegan. What do you think?

Now more on that Vegan Egg Nog…

Almond Fresh Noel Nog. I discovered this beauty at my local health food store, Bamboo Natural Food Mart ( How I nearly cried out with joy when they told me about it! I’ve been off of dairy for a little over a year now so this discovery was HUGE! I love me some Egg Nog (more so with a little spiced run in it. When in Rome… right?), so I was needless to say was very excited. Let me just tell you how awesome this stuff is!! It tastes very much like your everyday Egg Nog although not nearly as thick. It also boasts an amazing 100 calories per serving too! Compared to the roughly 384 calories in your typical grocery store variety, I am ALL over that! So there you have it. GO out and get some and let me know what you think. 

(I also found some AH-Mazing Soy Mint Chocolate Milk too. Organic and GMO free. So good!)Image


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