So I had a wicked craving for…

Damn you, sugar addiction!!

I’ve noticed my cravings for sugar hit in the afternoon and all the way into the evening pretty much everyday… And when I start to get stressed out, which when living with a 2 year old tends to be more often then I like to admit… What do I typically reach for? Anything sweet… I learned of an amazing replacement from the founder of my school, The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Joshua Rosenthal, who suggested using brown rice cakes with brown rice syrup whenever my cravings hit. Bingo!! It worked!! I even added a little Himalayan sea salt every once in a while to kick the salt cravings too. Two birds one stone. Genius! It also works if I use peanut butter and top with banana slices. Oh. So. Good! BUT here’s my dilemma… I’m out of rice cakes and I am home alone with the kids. One of which is already in bed. What is a sugar junkie to do without her healthy fix!? Naturally, I gravitate towards wanting to bake something as that is my nature. My reasoning here is that if I’m making it at least I know what’s in it! So tonight I wanted peanut butter cookies, but not just any peanut butter cookie. I want crispy outside with warm ooey, gooey chocolatey goodness insides…. But sugar and flour free.

I searched Pinterest, google and various other sources to no avail. I found plenty of recipes, don’t get me wrong, but when I search ‘healthy peanut butter cookie’ recipes I was trying to avoid the boat loads of white sugar and refined white flour. Egg free would have been nice too, but I figure my specifications were already pretty limited. I searched an hour… When you are craving something an hour is a very, very long time. I gave up. I found nothing that called out to me. Nothing that I felt comfortable modifying to the point of making it my own. I threw in the towel. So what did I do next? What any other addict would do in a pinch. I grabbed a spoon, the pb out of the fridge, the chocolate chips out of the cupboard and I went to town. Not quite what I was hoping for, but it worked. Don’t judge me… It could have been worse. Way, way worse.

Tomorrow my search continues…. I am open to some assistance. If you have or can direct me to that which I seek I would be eternally grateful.

Until then… Namaste.


PS. HEALTHY pb cookie recipe to follow!! It will be done!


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