So I was inspired yesterday…

Ok. So I was enjoying this delicious green juice yesterday with my babies and I was reminded of a fun game my all time favourite health blogger, Jessica Ainscough (The Wellness Warrior) did about a year ago. My inspiration came in the form of a Mo – stash that is!! Fitting seeing as though it is Mo-Vember, right!? Ya, I know, that’s what I thought. It’s brilliant! Sure, it maybe a week late, but inspiration doesn’t always come on time-it comes at the RIGHT time!

So, here it goes… And this is for the boys AND the girls!

For the month of Movember, I want to see your juice Mo’s – green mo, pink mo, blue mo, you know… I want to see your Mo-photo as well as your Mo-recipe. If we get enough submissions I will put together an e-book to distribute to all those who participated! What an excellent way to get some more JUICE inspiration!

Sound like fun? Great! Now have fun and get juicing!

Pictures should be posted on my Facebook Page which can be found here:

Sheena Cunning ~ Optimizing Health

Must be a FAN to participate! Click LIKE and submit your entry!

Here are our green MO’s!! 



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